About Eyadda

Eyadda site and application

Eyadda is a system that aims to improve health services by implying Information Technology IT and Internet, especially in recording and updating patients’ medical history.

Eyadda provides a file for every patient, containing his/her complete medical information as diseases, drugs, hypersensitivity, consultation, and previous lab investigations.

Eyadda system also allows the physician to access the patient’s information after having permission, he/she also can add information to the file as a new diagnosis or drug prescription.

As a benefit for the physician, he/she can print the drug prescription directly through the website.

Labs and imaging centers can also get services from Eyadda system, as they can add patient’s test results or radiological images directly to their files on the website.

Hospitals and their departments can have an account on Eyadda website, an account that containing all the health service providers in this hospital or department.

Eyadda system has services for both patients and physicians.
Eyadda services for patients
Eyadda services for physicians

Why should you register on Eyadda system?

  • When you are registered on Eyadda, you do not have to remember anything about your medical history, because all your information will be recorded and saved on your file.
  • You can share your data with your physician by giving him/her permission through the website, so your physician can view your medications, chronic conditions, and previous diagnosis.
  • Your physician can also add a new consultation and medication.
  • Labs and Imaging center can upload your test results directly to your file, so you do not have to visit and bring them.

You can register now
Register as a patient
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Registration is totally free

If you did not register on Eyadda, you will miss the following benefits:

  • Keep your medical records on a secure platform.
  • Ease of consulting with different physicians, because all your data is recorded and updated.
  • Having your medical records ( scans – lab tests – medication prescriptions ) as digital copies that can not be damaged or lost.
  • Ease of communication between you and your physicians via Eyadda website.

We here in Eyadda have a vision and a mission to help health services providers to provide high-quality health care.

Our Vision:

To establish a fully electronic system that helps the patient to have the best health service in their area.

Our Mission:

To help the patient to control everything about his health, including his medical records and the health services he/she got.

Our Goal:

To enable the patient to have the best medical services, and this will be done by employing the latest technologies used in the medical field.

A brief about Eyadda founder:

Founder of Eyadda
The founder of Eyadda system

Dr. Ahmed Metwally, an Egyptian physician who immigrated to England in 2014.  During this period he had his training as a physician in different hospitals and clinics all over England, and now he is a family medicine consultant. He does his duty in treating patients in Westside clinic in the UK.

Before the immigration, Dr. Ahmed was aware of the importance of medical history, so the idea of Eyadda system for medical history recording was popped up in his mind, and became on the ground after immigration.

How started the idea of Eyadda?

Actually, we here in Egypt do not have an accepted reliable system as found in Europe and some of the Arabian Gulf countries, so every physician and hospital work individually to record and manage their patients’ medical history.

in late 2017, standing on his deep experience in the medical systems in the UK, Dr. Ahmed started with a team of specialists in establishing an electronic system that serves both the patient and physicians.

In 2018, they started establishing the platform, it has many and many adjustments to be suitable for the health system in Egypt and the Arabian countries, the platform was built to make the patient the center point and give him/her the ability to control everything related to his/her health.

The system’s goal is to enable the patient to save his/her medical records in a safe and secure platform, and to help physicians to provide high-quality medical services.