Eyadda services for hospitals

Eyadda provides many services for the hospitals and their internal departments to facilitate the treatment and follow-up of their patients.


  1. Eyadda Provides management accounts for hospitals or in-house departments. Therefore, it can include all internal doctors and investigation specialists.
  2. Facilitates communication between the hospital and the patients through the platform messaging system.
  3. Hospital appearance in the platform search engine.
  4. Similarly, it has all the services offered for doctors and laboratories.

Advantages of registering with Eyadda:

  • Patients need to add the hospital account only, therefore, no need to add each doctor individually.
  • Marketing for the hospital through its appearance on the platform and its search engine.
  • Ability to communicate with the patients through the platform’s messaging system, Meanwhile the hospital controls the patient’s ability to message the hospital.
  • Organizing the patients’ files electronically, as a result, save the records orderly and securely, away from damage or loss of paper files.

Hospitals registration with Eyadda became a necessity in order to provide high-quality health services.

If you would like to register as a hospital or as a hospital internal department, click here

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Eyadda services for hospitals

Eyadda Features For Hospitals

Management account for hospitals

Hospitals and internal departments have management accounts to add internal doctors.