Eyadda Features

Everything in one place

All consultations, medications and investigations are in order.

No more prescription loss

You can forget the times you lost or forgot your prescriptions and investigation results.

Save time in consultations

Short medical summary including allergies, repeat medication, and chronic medical conditions.

Accurate medical history

The medical history is recorded accurately, and every consultation and medication is dated.

Easy follow up

The doctor could review investigation results and make follow-ups from home.

Print prescriptions

The doctor could print the prescription without any cost.

Easy communication with doctors

Communicate with doctors, laboratories and hospitals throughout messaging system.

Add one hospital but all the doctors

The patient could add one hospital and follow up with any doctor in the hospital.

Consultations from home

The doctor follow-up, review investigations and give a new prescription from home and patient at home too.

Free service

Eyadda is a free medical service for patients, doctors and hospitals.

Management account for hospitals

Hospitals and internal departments have management accounts to add internal doctors.

Online investigation results

Medical laboratories and radiology centres could issue results online.