Eyadda services for labs

Eyadda pays great attention to medical laboratories and radiology centers for their important role in the health service and making the correct diagnosis.

The platform offers many services, including:

  1. Access to the patientsmedical history including medications, medical conditions, and tests. This history helps patients and radiology centers interpret the results accurately and correctly.
  2. Eyadda provides each laboratory and radiology center with a lab account through which they can add the test results directly to the patients’ files, to reduces the number of times their patients needing to come back or call for their results that will increase the lab popularity between patients.
  3. The ability to print the lab results directly through the platform with a modern design, and margins for lab data, design, and logo.
  4. The ability to communicate with the patients through the platform’s messaging system.
    You also have the ability to control the patient’s access to the messaging service with the lab.
  5. Provides free marketing through its appearance on the platform and its search engine.

Advantages of using Eyadda:

  • It is easy to record the results on the patients’ accounts.
  • Easy communication with the patients through the platform, reducing the visits and calls from the patients while waiting for their results to appear.
  • Instant printing of results.

Therefore, registering with Eyadda became a necessity for labs and radiation centers, in order to keep pace with developments in the field of health services.

To register with Eyadda as a medical lab or a radiology center, click here

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Eyadda services for labs

Eyadda Features For Laboratories

Online investigation results

Medical laboratories and radiology centres could issue results online.