Eyadda services for patients

Eyadda aims to enable patients to get the best health care from health providers, including doctors, hospitals, radiology, and laboratory centres.

Eyadda platform services include:

Electronic medical file

  • Eyadda provides medical files using a coding system, not merely saving files for prescriptions and test/investigation results.

Having a medical file using a coding system means many things: firstly, easy instant access to any information, no matter how old, secondly, automatic update of medical condition list, medication list and your the medical summary, on which doctors rely heavily, once any new consultation is being added.

  • Your doctor will have access to accurate information about your history of illness to help correct diagnosis and also will be able to add his consultation. As a result, the consultation will be available for you and your doctors – in other specialities – to review in the future.

All medical services in one place:

Having radiology and test results in one place had many advantages: firstly, it enables you to compare your new results with your older ones, and secondly, you can review them to track your health. 

  • You can add a hospital account to follow up with any doctor within the hospital without adding each doctor individually.

Full control:

  • You can hide any part of his medical history. Therefore, it does not appear to any of your doctors or laboratories.
  • You can give access to your doctors by adding them. But, you can make their access temporary or remove them later on. 

Find and communicate:

  • your can search for doctors in your area by speciality. If you did not find your doctor in the search, you could add your doctor by email.
  • You can communicate easily with your doctor, lab, and hospital through the messaging system in the platform.

If you use Eyadda, you will get the following advantages:

  • You will keep all your medical records safely and orderly. In other words, you no longer need to carry a paper file for prescriptions and results.
  • You will save money by not doing the same tests more than once; your doctor can easily check if you had it done before, even if that was many years ago.
  • If you follow up with different specialities, doctors can understand your condition better by reviewing your consultations.

By doing that, your doctor will treat you holistically. Consequently, you will be treated as a whole human, not one organ. 

  • Save time: laboratories can add your results easily. You no longer need to chase up your result. Moreover, your doctor can review the results directly from your file without you having to wait for long.
  • Communicate quickly with your doctors and laboratories using the platform messaging service.
  • Lastly and importantly, all Eyadda’s services are completely FREE.

Time to take action

You need to register and add your doctor, and Eyadda will continuously update your medical history.

Ensure you register and ask your doctor and laboratory to add consultations and results directly to your account.


For registration: Click here

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Eyadda services for patients

Eyadda Features For Patients

Easy communication with doctors

Communicate with doctors, laboratories and hospitals throughout messaging system.

Add one hospital but all the doctors

The patient could add one hospital and follow up with any doctor in the hospital.

Consultations from home

The doctor follow-up, review investigations and give a new prescription from home and patient at home too.

Free service

Eyadda is a free medical service for patients, doctors and hospitals.