Eyadda services for doctors

Eyadda is offering doctors many unique services to enhance health care while saving the doctors time and effort.

Services for physicians:

  1. Eyadda provides an account for each patient with comprehensive medical history in the form of codes, with the possibility of continuously updating the patient’s history by his other doctors and laboratories.
  2. The ability to add new consultations to the patient’s records will automatically update the lists of his medical conditions, medications, and brief medical history.
  3. Access to the patient’s medical history, including medical conditions, drugs, tests., and a brief history on the first page with the most critical information in his account, includes allergies, repeat medications, and chronic medical conditions.
  4. Eyadda provides the doctor with the ability to print his prescription after adding a consultation. That is to say, it has a modern design and margins for the doctor’s data and his script design.
  5. The doctor’s details will appear in the site’s search engine. As a result, doctors will gain free marketing.
  6. You can communicate with your patients through the platform’s messaging system, but you have the control to allow them to message you. 

Eyadda Advantages:

  • It is reducing the time and duration of the visits by providing accurate medical history.
  • Ease tracking the patient’s condition and reviewing the recent updates and investigation results added by radiology and laboratory centres.
  • We are printing the prescription directly through the platform.
  • We are communicating with the patients through the platform messaging system.
  • It has become possible to make most of the follow-ups and a significant number of consultation remotely.

Eyadda provides services for the entire health system, especially its central pillar: the doctors.

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Eyadda services for doctors

Eyadda Features For Doctors

Save time in consultations

Short medical summary including allergies, repeat medication, and chronic medical conditions.

Accurate medical history

The medical history is recorded accurately, and every consultation and medication is dated.

Easy follow up

The doctor could review investigation results and make follow-ups from home.

Print prescriptions

The doctor could print the prescription without any cost.